Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on chemicals?

Pools and spas are complex systems, so there are a lot of ways to optimize their function. But there are a few things that will definitely save you money.

  • Get a sand change. Old sand filters organic materials poorly. These materials stay in the water and provide nutrients for things like algae. Having really good filtration reduces the chemicals you will use in significant ways. Pools with excellent filtration are the most affordable.

  • Let us help you with your chemical treatments. Call us to do a pool side consultation. We use top quality water analysis to get your water chemistry optimized which helps prevent algae growth and keep your chlorine levels adequate.

  • Don't let the pool get dirty. Dirty water uses chemicals. Clean water preserves them. If you're having a hard time keeping up, consider having us take over for you with weekly or biweekly service. It may save you money if you're used to the pool being a headache.

  • Or, call us to talk about installing a salt chlorine generator. Your pool will thank you and your wallet will too!

Do you guys offer classes so I can manage my own pool?

Oh yeah. As a matter of fact, we have had many people call over the years and ask that question. Because many of our clients want to know how to do their own pool service and upkeep, we'll come to your house and go through all the things that you can do to keep your pool wonderful. Besides, we view education as one of our responsibilities to our clients. Give us a call and we'll give you all the details!

Do you guys service above ground pools?

Absolutely! We know it can be hard to find companies that service above ground pools and we don't want you to be left out. As a matter of fact, some of our earliest clients were ABG pool owners! Our only caveat is that we generally do not service soft walled ABG pools. We mean no shade at anyone. We just can't get parts for them and their systems make it very difficult to service in general.

Do you guys service community pools or commercial?

Yes! We have clients with all kinds of different pools!

What do I do with my pool while I'm on vacation?

Pools are not meant to be left unattended. Its a bit different than leaving your yard for a week. Instead, if you're going to be out of town, consider having us stop by to do some work for you. This will make your vacation more enjoyable and leave you with a clean pool to come home to. We'll even let you know when we leave the property so that you can know when we are there.

Is it too late in the year to open my pool?

This is a complicated question, but we often open pools all the way through late June. There is often more expense than usual opening a pool this late in the year, but it is doable. If you want to do this, we're the people for the job. We'll team up with you to save you money where possible and get it jump started.

Do you guys do repairs?

Absolutely. We do repairs, and we are one of the most honest companies in the business. If you don't need it, we don't want to sell it to you. We'll even install items that you purchased elsewhere. We do most minor repairs a pool can need. We don't do large repairs/remodels, but if it is a component of the pool that is replaceable without a tractor, there's a good chance we do it.

Do you guys do water testing?

Yes! Drop by our retail center and we'll get you all taken care of. Water testing is always Free with any purchase. Or, we can do a one time trip to your house and take care of you in your own backyard.

Do you guys do party cleanings and prep?

We won't set up tables and things of that nature for you, but we absolutely love to get people's pools ready for a party. We can get a swampy pool to swimming in a week in most cases. If you're in a bind, definitely give us a call and we'll put you on our priority list. Or, maybe you had a party and the pool is a little bit of a mess. That's fine too. We can handle it.

What is the right time to open or close a pool?

We like to say that the best time to open a pool is while the water is still algae free. This saves you a bucket of chlorine (and money). The best time is usually sometime in April. If that isn't possible, definitely get it open before late May.

Closing a pool is a little less specific. Once the nights are cool, the water in the pool can cool off pretty fast. Closing a pool too early makes it cost more to open in the spring because of algae growth. October is a great month to close. September is usually too early. You shouldn't wait past November due to freeze potential.

Should I get a pool inspected before I buy a home?

Yes! We'll come inspect it and give you a complete report of what we find. Pools can have very expensive repairs that can be hard to spot, so its always a really good idea to have it inspected before purchasing your home. We certainly recommend you never purchase a home with a pool if the pool is covered. Even in the winter, it is wise to have the cover removed and the pool inspected. We'll take care of all of it, all you have to do is call.